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Flair CEO says ‘David and Goliath’ battle prompted predatory pricing probe into WestJet

Pizazz Airlines CEO Jim Scott says savage estimating and planning by opponent WestJet Airlines Ltd. put his spending bearer in peril, as a “David and Goliath” fight in the course of recent months has finished in an examination by Canada’s opposition guard dog.

On Tuesday, the Federal Court of Canada’s central equity requested a WestJet VP to show up before the Competition Bureau to clarify the carrier’s strategies, the most recent improvement in a test propelled in the fall.

Scott said WestJet and minimal effort branch Swoop utilized enemy of aggressive practices to swarm out Flair from a few littler markets including Saskatoon, Thunder Bay, and Kamloops.

“At whatever point we go into a market, WestJet or Swoop will go into a similar market with a ton of stock, minimal effort,” he said in a meeting.

The ultra-minimal effort transporter lost about $10 million between mid-June and mid-October thus, he asserted.

“This is an instance of David and Goliath. We’re here endeavoring to give an administration to Canadians, and the settled in officeholder is essentially attempting to keep another player out of the commercial center.

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